Veggie Tales Silly Songs Personalized Music Cd, Personalized Music, Kids Songs


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Personalized Veggie Tales CD includes 23 silly songs and conversations tracks with the infamous energetic vegetables personalized to serve your child with what they crave. 

The child's name is used about 50 times. Some of the playful tunes featured in this album are the Hairbrush Song, the Cheeseburger Song, the Water Buffalo Song, and so many more.

Let Bob the tomato and Larry the cucumber serve your child with the silly songs they love to dance and sing to.

On the CD you have the following conversations and songs:
01. Ready for Fun
02. Veggie Tales Theme Song
03. Setting Sail
04. Sailing Sailing - Row Row
05. Seasick
06. Dance of the Cucumber
07. Technical Difficulties
08. The Water Buffalo Song
09. Shape Up or Ship Out
10. I've Been Workin on the Railroad
11. Are We Having Fun Yet?
12. Love my Lips
13. Getting Hungry
14. Cheeseburger Song
15. Lunch Break
16. Hairbrush Song
17. Bulls Are Fun
18. The Song of the Cebee
19. Back Comes Bob
20. Are you Sleeping?
21. A Little Tired
22. Braham's Lullaby
23. So Until Next Time

Not every name is available on every cd. You can see if your child's name is available and listen to it below.
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