Personalized Veggie Tales "Silly Song"s CD and Digital Download, Personalized Music, Kids Songs


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This CD features 23 tracks - 11 "Silly Songs" and 12 dialogue segments of pure "Veggis silliness" with your child's name sung or spoken over 45 times!  It features personalized songs like "The Hairbrush Song", "Dance of the Cucumber", "Cheeseburger Song" and many more!  Over 950 names are available!

We now offer a way for customers without CD players an easy to get the content in MP3 format. For use in iPads, iPods, smartphones, tablets, thumb drives and computers. Now you can download the content and use it in any digital device, even stream the downloaded content via Bluetooth to any Bluetooth enabled receiver. 

Not every name is available on every cd or download. You can see if your child's name is available and listen to it below.
If you have ANY questions please contact me BEFORE you purchase this product.