Disney Princesses Personalized Music Cd, Disney Princesses Tea Party


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The Disney Personalized Princess CD sings or says the child's name in this story of going to a tea party.

Imagine 17 songs and conversations with the Disney Princesses singing and speaking directly to your child, using their name which is perfect for the ultimate tea party or princess birthday parties.  

There are 17 tracks of songs or conversations on this personalized Disney Princess CD to prepare your child for the ultimate tea party. Your child's name is used well over 55 times.

Snow White, Aurora, Ariel, Belle and Cinderella will mesmerized every little girl with their grace and charm in this personalized CD featuring your child's name.

The personalized Disney Princesses CD will acquaint your child with the getting dressed and proper etiquette, as she will receive a personal invitation to the castle to accompany all Princesses at the tea party.

Here is what is on the cd:
01. Let's Imagine Together
02. The Perfect Princess Tea (song)
03. Learning To Be a Princess
04. Every Girl Can Be a Princess (song)
05. Having a Tea Party
06. I Just Love Getting Dressed For Tea (song)
07. Parties At The Palace
08. So Very Glad You're Here (song)
09. Invited to The Castle
10. Manners and Etiquette (song)
11. Grand Celebrations
12. The Princess Dance (song)
13. My True Love
14. I'm Waiting For My Prince (song)
15. A Special Tea Party
16. Happy Birthday Princess (song)
17. A Princess Farewell

Not every name is available on every cd. You can see if your child's name is available and listen to it below.
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